Is Leaky Gut Syndrome a Real Thing?

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Is leaky gut real or fake?


Have you been told that leaky gut isn't a real thing, and that it's just some made up woo woo?


Well... sorry to burst the woo woo bubble, but:


Leaky gut is real.


The scientific name for leaky gut is increased intestinal permeability or intestinal hyperpermeability.


What is leaky gut / intestinal permeability? 


Our whole digestive system is lined with a mucous membrane. It starts in our mouth and ends at our… other ends!


We put so much stuff in our digestive system. We literally put the outside world in our bodies. Think of your digestive system like a tunnel through the earth. The earth is your body. The tunnel is your digestive system. The cars are the outside world travelling through your bodies.


We want a lot of what enters our digestive system to get absorbed into our bodies and be used for energy and nutrition (e.g. vitamins, minerals, amino acids).


BUT we also want a lot of what enters our digestive system to pass through and come out the other side (e.g. yeasts, parasites, inflammatory substances). The mucous membrane helps by acting as a barrier so that these things don’t get from our gut and into our bloodstream.


With leaky gut, this barrier has become leaky. It’s letting things in that we don’t want to come in.


The mucous membrane lining our digestive tract is made up of cells that are packed super tightly together, and we call them tight junctions. They fit together like teeth. There are certain things that cause the tight junctions to separate, which makes the gut lining leaky. The leakier the lining gets, the bigger the particles that are able get inside our bodies and into our bloodstream (e.g. inflammatory substances).



What are the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome / intestinal permeability?


If inflammatory substances get across the gut lining, this is a huge problem because if foreign substances get into the bloodstream that shouldn’t, then we can feel it. 


Especially after eating.


Our bodies react. Our health is impacted. Our lives are affected.


If you have IBS or gut issues, I'd bet my bottom dollar that you've felt the symptoms of leaky gut (and likely still do). 


The inflammation can become systemic (ie body-wide) and our immune system can be sent into overdrive.


We can get the following symptoms from leaky gut syndrome:


  • We can develop histamine intolerances.
  • We can develop skin issues (e.g., acne, rosacea, itchy skin, psoriasis)
  • We can get headaches.
  • We can feel super tired.
  • We can feel heart palpitations.
  • We can have brain fog.
  • We can feel puffier, like we’re holding onto extra water.
  • We can feel anxious and/or depressed.




Leaky gut is a real thing.


Some people might not think it is.


Even some medical professionals might not think it is.


But that’s not important. Because your body knows it is.


But don't fret my loves, you can absolutely heal your leaky gut. 


And healing leaky gut syndrome naturally almost always involves healing more than just leaky gut. 


It's never just leaky gut. All my courses and treatment protocols address the root cause of why you have leaky gut in the first place and bring your whole body and digestive system back into balance. We work on leaky gut, dysbiosis, LIBO, motility issues, stomach acid, infections (candida and parasites) and more.


You can start healing today with my online do-it-yourself courses:


You're so worth it Superstar.


Lots of love,




x x x


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