Is there a test for leaky gut syndrome?


How do you get tested for for leaky gut syndrome?

If you’re looking for a specific test of leaky gut, Zonulin is a little marker in the gut that indicates if the tight junctions of the gut lining are separating (leaky gut syndrome).

You can look at Zonulin through a urine test or a stool test. It is not done as a standalone test though: you need to request a complete diagnostic stool test and then add on the Zonulin markers.


Can you test for leaky gut at home?

You can test for leaky gut at home by ordering the complete diagnostic stool test with the Zonulin marker add-on e.g. through direct labs.

You can also get the test through your local GP. 

Different labs can use different units of measurement for the Zonulin marker, so you need to check your Zonulin levels against the 'healthy' reference ranges given by the lab you tested with.


What blood work reveals leaky gut syndrome?

A blood test can also give you an indication of your Zonulin levels, but these fluctuate on a day to day, hour to hour basis, so I wouldn’t recommend a blood test. 

Even though there are tests that can help you determine whether you have leaky gut, it really isn't enough to know if you have leaky gut or not.


To heal leaky gut syndrome you need to address the root cause of a leaky gut

You need to know why you got leaky gut in the first place.

You need to know what’s causing it.

It’s never just about resolving leaky gut.

If you heal your leaky gut without knowing and addressing what is causing it, it’s just going to keep coming back.

So where do you start when you want to find the root cause?

I always always start with a SIBO Breath Test. If you’re doing a proper gut healing protocol, my years and years of professional and personal experience has taught me that SIBO is the best place to start. It will guide your treatment plan. If you have SIBO, you need to treat it - otherwise you'll just manage it and it will never go away. If you don't have SIBO, you need to work on all the other things (leaky gut, candida, motility, yeasts, parasites, the microbiome, hormones, and more). The ONLY way to know if SIBO is causing your issues is by testing for SIBO.

You can order a SIBO test with a video interpretation from us, where we will explain what your results mean and the best next steps you can take to get your gut back into balance and finally get rid of leaky gut once and for all. 

Leaky gut is real.

What’s behind the leaky gut is where you need to get to so that leaky gut can resolve, and stay resolved.


How to know if leaky gut is healed

When leaky gut has healed, you’ll feel more resilient and you won’t feel as impacted by food after eating:


  • You'll feel less puffy in your body.
  • You'll feel less brain fog as there will be less body-wide inflammation.
  • You’ll have sharper thoughts and a better memory.
  • Your mood will be more balanced with less anxiety and depression.


You’ll be more you again.


If you want to heal your leaky gut and bring your whole body / digestive system back into balance, then you're in the right place. 

My online do-it-yourself courses - Fix Your SIBO and Microbiome Method - will walk you through how to heal your leaky gut including: identifying and removing the root cause of your leaky gut; supplements you can take to heal your gut lining; and how to stop leaky gut from coming back.

Lots of love,

The more-me Kirsten.

x x x



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