Repair your microbiome.

Start today.

The Microbiome Method is a comprehensive 6 week online course designed to teach you how to restore your gut microbiome  naturally and repair your whole digestive system.


Repair your microbiome.

Start today.

A comprehensive 6 week microbiome online course

to teach you how to restore your gut health naturally and repair your digestive system.

Get rid of SIBO for good and keep it from coming back

Learn how to fix your digestive system.

SIBO online do-it-yourself course you can do from home
Start today and go at your own pace. 
Cost to treat SIBO is $470USD
For just $350USD.

In 6 weeks, you will learn how to rebuild your microbiome and how to maintain a healthy digestive system so you can create a life where you:

  • No longer bloat and no longer have to worry about going up and down a dress size throughout the day!

  • Eat all the foods again without fear, even at restaurants and social gatherings! 

  • Are no longer afraid of your body, and feel free of digestive issues!

  • Get your energy back to do the things you love to do! 

  • Feel confident in your own skin.

  • Can feel more comfortable being intimate with your partner and loved ones.

  • Poop regularly, and consistently.

  • Get your life back and feel like you again!

Heal your SIBO so you can live your best life
What previous students have to say


Nadine Rohner

 "I now know what foods to take that will make me feel better and how to increase the diversity.

I have way more energy. Bloating is down sooo much too. Kirsten really knows everything! :)

I have no more sugar cravings and my acne is completely gone :) I have learned to read ingredients and so so much about all sorts of foods and especially about my body!"

Elizabeth Phillips 

"I feel more confident making sound decisions regarding my health because of this course. I think that's going to have a wonderful effect on my life and health for years to come.

I loved being educated by Kirsten on digestive health. With the gut being at the centre of health you can never know too much about it! There's so much science and physiology that goes into gut health and for me, it's been incredible to learn all that from Kirsten because I trust what she's saying.

Being educated on SO many different things relating to the gut has been life-changing."

Jennifer Ghawaly

"I achieved everything I hoped for.

I am eating so many foods now!! I started at 21 diff veggies, no i'm at 61!!

My stress levels are so much lower. I learnt that my body has the ability to heal... it just needs the right tools to do it.

I feel so much more knowledgeable. It was really cool to focus on many areas of health.. not just food and food restrictions.

I love Kirsten’s personality. She is so positive, and upbeat! She is a gut expert <3 super knowledgeable."

The Repair Your Microbiome course is for:
  • Those with Large Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (LIBO), an undergrowth in good bacteria in the gut, dysbiosis, Candida issues, parasites, Celiacs, and Crohns
  • Those WITHOUT SIBO. If you have a current case of SIBO, the protocol in this course can feed the SIBO bacteria and make your symptoms worse. Get tested to make sure you don't have SIBO before you dive in
  • Those that have “tried everything but nothing has worked”. If you haven’t tried my course you haven’t tried everything
You will learn how to:
what causes poor digestion

Understand what caused your digestive problems in the first place 

You will learn how to find out the root cause of your digestive problems, so you can keep them from coming back. You'll learn what your symptoms mean, how your body works, how to get immediate symptom relief, how to identify potential other co-existing issues and what to do about them. 

How to interpret a microbiome test

Analyse your microbiome test results 

You will learn how to interpret the Ombre Microbiome test results so that you can learn whether you have an overgrowth in bad bacteria or an undergrowth in good bacteria in your gut. You will be able to pinpoint which specific bacteria are too high or too low so that you can restore a healthy balance in your microbiome.

Healing the gut naturally

Rebalance your gut microbiome naturally

You will learn how to restore your microbiome (LIBO or dysbiosis) and increase gut diversity with a treatment protocol individualised to your specific microbiome, symptoms and other conditions. You will learn how to adjust your treatment plan as you go based on your progress and symptoms.

How to fix your digestive system

Bring your whole body back into balance

To stop your digestive problems from coming back, you will need to address your WHOLE body and digestive system -  this gut microbiome online course is different to any other program you have tried in the past. You will learn how to repair your gut lining (leaky gut), optimize stomach acid, clear out parasites, rebalance candida, restore motility, and much more. We will support other parts of your body affecting your digestion e.g. adrenal health, nervous system, liver support etc 

heal your gut diet and gut reset meal plan

Eat all the foods again 

You will learn how to get from a place of food fear to a place where you can eat all the foods again. You will learn step-by-step HOW to reintroduce foods at the appropriate time, in the appropriate amount, so that you can not only reduce your symptoms while reintroducing foods, but rebuild your microbiome to be stronger and healthier. You'll also learn how to overcome food fear and train your body to become less stressed when eating foods you can't currently tolerate. It's so important.

How to maintain a healthy digestive system

Stop digestion problems from coming back

You will learn how to create simple and effective lifestyle habits and routines that make it effortless to maintain a healthy digestive system - find your way back to a healthy, vibrant version of yourself and set yourself up for a life of digestive and food FREEDOM.

What you'll get
Educational videos on how to reset your gut naturally

Educational videos

1.5-2 hours of educational videos and content per week for 6 weeks with access to the recordings and course for one year.

How to rebalance your gut microbiome

Treatment Plan Framework

A framework designed to help you tailor your supplement protocol to your specific health history, symptoms and relevant test results.

Diet to heal your gut

Diet to heal your gut

Access to the diet formulated by Kirsten to rebalance your gut microbiome - based on years of personal and clinical experience - to introduce foods at the time your body can handle it. 

Supplements to rebalance your microbiome flora

Worldwide supplement dispensaries

You will be granted access to worldwide supplement dispensaries so you can order reputable supplements from wherever you are. 

Gut microbiome online course

Weekly handouts and homework

Weekly handouts and homework to show you how to create a life where maintaining your health is practically effortless.

Microbiome online course

Frequently asked questions

This course is completely self-guided, but you will be given access to a FAQ bank of the most common questions asked by past students.

Frequently Asked Questions
What people are saying 
Tammie Wardle

"Reading Kirsten's story I instantly connected. I related to everything she was saying. It was like a light bulb had gone off.

I feel amazing, my energy is high, no more brain fog & feeling yuck, but most important to me, my bloating is now down to a minimum. I feel like before I met Kirsten I was just getting through life, now I am living life to the fullest, so happy.

I feel like Kirsten has come into my life at the right time & I will be forever thankful.

Thank you so much Kirsten, you are amazing."

Mary-Thea Brosnan

"I have loved the course, especially how Kirsten provided so much additional information regarding inflammation and how different conditions are affecting the gut and our body as a whole. I love how Kirsten presents information in easy to understand, great metaphors and is always smiley and compassionate to our journey. Thank you!"

Catherine Wilson

"I had tried all the diets - including quitting sugar and being gluten free. But Kirsten’s approach is so much better because it taught me which foods affected ME - not everyone else. And I have never felt better for it. Physically, mentally and emotionally."

Robyn Lawrence

"I am thoroughly enjoying this class. I love how organized it is and how it's broken down in to small bits. I am learning so much!"

Katharina Geyer

"I have noticed an immediate change in how my mind and body react to the food.

Laurie Boos

"I absolutely loved everything about the course! Kirsten is so detailed and always gives us the reasons why. Kirsten takes the fear out of healing."


Kirsten is a Naturopath, Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist who specialises in working with those suffering from chronic digestive complaints, fatigue and weight issues. Why? Because that was her story too. Was. Past tense. Out the other side and healed using natural medicine, now helping others to do the same.