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My SIBO Story


Leading up to and around the time of my SIBO diagnosis (February 2016, although I probably had SIBO since 2008) I was pretty thin.

On purpose. I was restrictive dieting a lot.⁣ 

Massively restricting plant foods.⁣

Fruit? No way!! Vegetables - scared of them. Legumes? Not a chance!⁣

They all made me bloat crazy style. Literally looked pregnant most of the time. ⁣

I'd get Puffy. Brain fog. Acne. Weight gain. Joint pain.

All of it.

I also lost my period for two years (my biggest life dream is to be a mum one day, so that was very, very scary).⁣

No period, and no confidence to actually date a man, meant that my pregnant belly was not full with a baby. Just bloat.⁣

Where am I now?⁣

Thriving! Really, really thriving!!⁣ In all parts of my life.⁣

I can eat all the things. ⁣

My weight is stable! Most of the 70lbs / 30kg (!!!) I gained after SIBO is gone.⁣

I’m fit. I’m strong. I’m surfing every day.⁣

I am naturally bubbly and optimistic.

I’m dating again! ⁣Meeting lots of lovely men...not met my “person” yet, but have feel good feels about it.⁣

And I genuinely, genuinely love myself. I accept myself. And I adore being me and living the life I do now.⁣ Yay!⁣

It took work to get here. But gosh it was worth it!!⁣

I was filled with self loathing when I was struggling with SIBO.⁣

Felt like I was in a constant battle with my body. Like we were these two separate things that I couldn’t for the life of me understand nor control.⁣

It’s SO hard when you’re in it. ⁣

I thought my life was over. ⁣

Or if that was how my life was going to be forever I didn’t want to live it anymore.⁣

I had never got to a point of actually planning to kill myself... but definitely often thought that it would just be so much easier if I wasn’t living anymore.

Scary. Dark. ⁣But it's true.


If you’re there, and scared that you’ll never ever get better, I’m here to tell you it absolutely IS possible!⁣

Our bodies are incredible. ⁣When given the right conditions and ingredients our bodies respond so well!⁣

I needed to do a grand old overhaul of my digestive system. ⁣

Clear out the SIBO and put all the good stuff back in. Plus repair the parts that weren’t working as they should (e.g. leaky gut).⁣

Broaden back out the foods that would nurture my body.

I also really benefited from working with various coaches learning tools to help with my mental and emotional health.⁣

All of the above, plus nearly a decade of working as a Naturopath specialising in digestive health, has made me the SIBO Queen I now am.⁣

I am extremely good at what I do and how I do it.⁣

I also understand. I relate.⁣ Pretty much every symptom my clients have I’ve had at some stage too.⁣

Histamine intolerance? Yup.⁣

Constipation? Most of my life.⁣

Acne? Had it allll over my face. Sore, red, painful acne.⁣

Brain fog? What did you just say?⁣

Plus heaps more. I was a mess. Inside and out.⁣

Where I am now I can be grateful for the experience of going through what I went through.⁣

But gosh I’d never wish it on anyone!⁣

If you need help claiming your life back from SIBO, that's why I'm here. It's now my lifes work. And I’d love to help you get from where you are to where I am.⁣ You deserve it too. 

If you can relate to my story, SIBO Freedom is for you.

I freed myself of my digestive issues.

Let me help you be free of yours.


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Kirsten is a Naturopath, Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist who specialises in working with those suffering from chronic digestive complaints, fatigue and weight issues. Why? Because that was her story too. Was. Past tense. Out the other side and healed using natural medicine, now helping others to do the same.